Release Delay

I'm sure some of you have already received the notification of canceled preorders for The Sky At Night, and I wanted to give you a quick rundown. Bad news - I can’t, in good conscience, release this book on August 16th. After actually making myself physically sick from anxiety and developing something called De Quervain's Tenosynovitis, I was forced to stop and take stock. I spoke at length with my PAs and a few other members of my team, and the long and the short of it is the story isn’t ready. And in pushing relentlessly to try to force it, I put my physical and mental health on the line.

So, new plan. This story is about loss and redemption and two people finding themselves and each other. Some parts feel ‘surface’ to me, and I need to dig a bit deeper. I want this to be as amazing a story for you as it is in my heart. I’m going to take some extra days and refine those parts. Rip some more of my own scars open.

Good news - The Sky At Night will still release this month, but it will be a live release. I’m choosing to cancel the preorders because I don’t want anybody to have to pay for the book if they don’t want to read it anymore. I hope you’ll still want to though. That you’ll still want to find out why this book is important enough to me for me to do what I’m doing. That you’ll still give it a chance.

This isn’t a poor me post, it’s an honest explanation of what’s happening and why. I feel like you all deserve my honesty and the best damn book I can give you, each and every time. If you have any questions at all, please ask them. I’m always happy to answer.